INTRODUCTION – no, it is not



Let us get straight to the business, you are not here to listen to what I say, what I do in my Life. You don’t care if I am some Psychopath or a Samaritan who is trying to be a prophet. I know, only by pure chance of bad-luck or a dumb mistake of your worn-out cursor has lead you to this post. And you don’t want to know why and what is happening here and you are least interested.


You belong to the Mousse Cake Generation, the Oh-so-happy Generation, the generation who sits and talks and eats and yawns more in one hour than the steps you take on a staircase in one year. Admit it, you are desperate for everything, you are always in a rush, you want to run and reach somewhere and its very urgent, you always think the train is leaving or you are about to loose your flight of an airplane which might take you to a country full of free frills and cheap thrills, you sulk about adventure and when you get it, you are never sure if your adventure was adventurous enough. You belong to the Not-Sure Generation. You have not seen sadness as the daylight. You have not seen wars and for you war is just getting a better car or eating in a better restaurant or getting a promotion or reaching to a place in your life where everyone look up to you and regard you as a role-model.


I know I am bullshitting, you also know it but hear me out. I am in a rambling mode, after all, its my first post. I am not as excited but I just want to steal your attention. I want you to read my every single word and recite it in your washroom when you are washing your kerchiefs. I want you to think about what I say when you are eating that filthy disgusting looking burger which has got enough salt to kill the whole world with extra dose of Iodine (I don’t even know if that thing can kill).


So, I am sure you got the general IDEA about the posts or the future posts and what to expect from this page. Alright let me try again, being a Gentleman kind of a Blogger, let me tell you that this page is going to be the ‘Random-est thing’ in the whole universe. Its going to be full of anecdotes on life, love, dolphins, haystacks & needles, conservation of water, degradation of morality or up-gradation of immorality. Range of topics is going to be as vast and as wasted as a drunk elephant’s trunk. Expect Madness from here, expect life and hope of a better world where fishes will sing and raccoons will serve as waiters in restaurants and people from Denmark might stop killing dolphins (just joking). Expect travelogues, luscious dialogues, depressed monologues, surrogate speeches, below-average photography, talks about books, music, poetry and everything under the sun or the stars or your chair, is going to be discussed with the help of my bipolar neurological disorder.


As some great man said – Puppeteer is a person who hates puppets the most – and for me this world and everything in it or around is a puppet and don’t think of me as a Puppet, think of me as the person who gives you ‘lift’ in your life when you are not even in need of it.





9 thoughts on “INTRODUCTION – no, it is not

  1. Hermione ;) says:

    some serious arrogance in the last paragraph – love it 🙂

  2. Robyn Lee says:

    Lovely…. Thank you for that lift! This was a provocative read… Much appreciate:) and welcome!

  3. Teju says:

    hahaa! that was nice knowing you… 🙂

  4. Iodine is necessary for cell metabolism. Just FYI. It’s why they add it to salt, because a modern diet is generally lacking sufficient iodine. It’s also useful as a topical antiseptic and for water purification.

  5. Purnimodo says:

    (Note to self: update your bloody about me page purnima.. one line is not enough.. not enough by far!) Love how modest you are. 😉 (I keed, I keed) It’s a rarity in this world and a virtue one must treasure. Lurking around for sure!

    • LeTalib says:

      I tried my best…being a naaaaaasty fella there :p
      I am so Appy that you going to increase the numbers of zaa lines in your ABOUT ME…though I don’t think its going to be of any use…nothing is actually but….anyways…I also KEED KEEED A lowwwt…nice knowing yaa…looking forward for the improvement in ‘about you’.. 🙂

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