The Legendary Unknown Writer (character sketch)

Nobody has ever seen him, some claimed they have, but they cannot explain how he exactly looked.

Some said that he was like an old man with a young face, some claimed that he had a very masculine face with a feminine swagger.

Some said that he was fat and beautiful, some claimed that he was skinny as a thorn and with all the disproportionate facial features he looked something worst than ugly.

Some had sensed his presence in public buses, where at the back of the bus, on the last seat, they used to see a shadow like creature, silently scribbling something on his notepad, some said it was a diary.

Some said that they had seen him talking to people as well but he was always very playful and verbose. Some claimed that he was very charming and to some he was very rude and once he almost tried to bite someone’s arm.

Some claimed that it was not a notepad, it was some fat diary with a very hard silver cover, shiny disturbing silver color cover. Some claimed that he used to write for few days while travelling like a lost hobo in direction-less buses, criss-crossing the city and then some random day he used to leave his fat diary on his seat, thinking that whoever gets hold of it, is allowed to read and do whatever with the words which are trapped in it.

Some said that almost every time he would leave a note along with the diary, which said –

This Piss of Art is Redyy 4 tha WHORELD.

Some claimed that all his words and writings were jinxed in a special way. Most of the times people used to throw his diary out from the moving bus’s windows thinking it as a piece of trash or forgotten belonging.

Some said that people who had read his diary(s) either gone mad or became the world’s most renowned people, his writings contained a visual euphoria perhaps.

Some said that once someone took his writings to some publisher and later publisher and his whole office gone mad after reading it because whatever was written in the diary was exactly the whole story of how someone took this random diary, which he found on a random bus, took to a publisher for publishing and how later on the publisher and his whole office gone mad after knowing that that diary had everything written already.

Some claimed that he traveled from morning to evening and he never ate or drank anything, not even water. Some claimed that he ate too much from the hand which was not writing because some claims that he was ambidextrous as well.

Some said that he used to read his whole diary when there was no page left in the diary to write on and while reading he used to cry tragically. Some said that he used to hate to leave his diaries like that but his face gave such expressions that there was nothing which he could do to stop it.

Some claimed that he is in some other city or country and doing the same thing. Some claimed that he died when a bus ran over him.




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4 thoughts on “The Legendary Unknown Writer (character sketch)

  1. Purnimodo says:

    Hahah brilliant! So.. who’s the antagonist 😉

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