A thousand dead-eye distorted faces..staring at my fingers, glued to each other..temporal shift in my inner tectonic jaw is freezing..ouch ouch..I have to run..I have to run…aaaaaaaaahhhhh..something is biting me from the inside…my insides are hurting…why..But why?..Is there any reason??..why this melancholy?..I am chained alright..I have no existence but persistence..alright mother I never liked your father..My nails are gone..Some thing is weird..I think someone has changed my eyelids with my nails..OOhhhh…these nails hurt when I blink…ooohhhh…I can still see everything, even when my eyes are closed..why this unknown random stranger is stabbing me on my back??..I am as innocent as all those ants….all those ants who ate that rotten are wrong…they were not eating it…they made the squirrel…I saw the tape backwards..yeah things look amazing when you play them BACKWARDS..all the tigers and lions made all those dying deers..that Bomb gave birth to everyone..those gas chambers filled oxygen in those dead souls..everything is gorgeous when I still running..Running from what?? Running for beauty..yeah lets settle this..I am running for Beauty to go down in my obituary..I want the word GREAT written everywhere when all of us are dead..yeah K. what did you do in your life??..You were scared of your father..I smother all fathers..atleast all the fathers of all the nations..yeah yeah..I am going to settle this right now..let’s face it Raskalnikov.. you were a were an should have been in Idiot as well you fool..If you kill Better forget it the moment you flush your were not great..your creator was not great..he was gloomy..epitome of Bad luck he was..who are you hiding from Chinaski??..I am not going to leave YOU as well..You want a Bar Brawl..I am going to punch you so bad…punch your soul to pulp..all that money you spent on cheap beer bottles and whores..and you glorified it..look at me..I am gong to do the same..better than YOU ALL for sure..Oh no no no..Don’t say I can’t see what you mean..NO NO..we all have our own separate leagues..let me spread some butter on my bread..and pull all the threads..threads made from your scalp hair..let me make you feel Bald..I am not bald right now..but I am on my you think I am scared..of course I am..but not of Baldness..but of my mental ribald-ness..Obscenity is almost like obesity..sequential melancholy is just superiority..are you listening Dosto??..Yeah yeah go ahead and call me uneducated towncrier..who just uses words to words are just noises right..and your words were visions..great..souls covered with meat are as naked as meat covered with clothes..aaaahhh okay mother I will sleep later okay..let me have this conversation..which might turn into a consolation..or might go in this dead literary constellation..yes mother..I know nothing about this language..I don’t need to know any language to make points..points as big as BIG blotches..Blotches as deep and blind as Black Holes..Yeah Mr Frost I respect you and I know I have got my smiles saved for the miles to cover in the lovely dark deep woods..but there are no woods left Mr me..I  went to this place..which was dark and dirty as a sheep..and everyone was singing ..”tiles to tow before a leap”..I did not understand them Mr Frost..I am just an Old Child..pleasures could not heal me Mr Miller..I know you had your luck with Anais Nin..In my world there are no Anais Nins any more..everywhere I see..there are just Sores..crying moaning sores..and they all are Bores..I am still running..I have to reach the grave in time..but there are no needles..who has stolen the needles now??..I don’t care about the no..I don’t care about the grave..everyone is there..and they keep on screaming something which sounds like BEWARE..




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2 thoughts on “BlahBlahBlahPowwwm

  1. Purnimodo says:

    Am I nuts or was this post shorter before?? Hm…

    That aside I think this is one your most powerful blogs. I smell a novel. 😉

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